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Q. What is a vehicle wrap?

A. Vehicle wrapping is a special process in which your vehicle is literally ‘wrapped’ in vinyl (plain colour or printed graphics) so that very little of its original paint colour is visible.  It is also known as vinyl wrapping, or car wrapping.

Q. How is a vehicle wrap different to painting?

A. Paint tends to be permanent, whereas wrapping isn't. In fact a vinyl wrap offers your vehicle's painted surface a protective layer which preserves your paint. It is also possible to strip the wrap off and change it without expensive resprays.

Q. Can you see joins in the wrap?

A. Yes, sometimes! It really depends on the job and the size of the coverage, as well as the complex shapes we are trying to wrap. Vehicle wrapping can offer truly stunning and beautiful results but you do need to remember than we are covering your vehicle in big stickers, not painting it! It is sometimes necessary to make joins in the work, although from a realistic viewing distance they are hardly visible.

Q. What are the benefits of vehicle wrapping?

A: Vehicle wrapping protects your paintwork against stone chips, minor abrasions and weathering to preserve your cars future value.

Vehicle wrapping vinyl can be easily removed so that when you want to sell your vehicle you can simply restore it to its original colour. This is a clear benefit of wrapping versus painting.

Q. Will vehicle wrapping damage the vehicle?

A: Applying specialist vehicle wrapping film to your vehicle should not damage your paintwork. However, if stone chips, abrasions or rust patches are already present on your paintwork it’s important to remember that when the vinyl is removed it may pull loose paint off with it.

But, the film actually shields the paint against chips, abrasions and weathering to preserve your cars future value.

Q. The vehicle has accident repaired areas, will this cause a problem?

A. Depending on the quality of the repair work, this can cause problems. Quite often, accident repairs, and especially the painting process, are not carried out to the original manufacturers exacting standards. Therefore, we cannot offer any form of guarantee against paint or lacquer lift during the removal of a wrap.

Q. Do you wrap the inside of the vehicle?

A. As standard, our colour change wraps are ‘kerbside wraps’. This means that when the vehicle is parked up or being driven, the exterior paintwork is fully wrapped in the colour and finish of your choice. Door shuts, and interior areas are not wrapped as standard, but can be for an additional cost.

Q. Does it fade?

A. The colour of the wrap films we use are light fast for seven years, so there won’t be any noticeable fading during this period.

Q. How much does vehicle wrapping cost?

A. The cost depends on the size of vehicle being wrapped, how you approach a design, and the actual vinyl chosen. But for an average size car it starts from around £1,500.

Q. How long does a vehicle wrap last?

A. A professionally applied vehicle wrap using quality materials can last for up to five years, if maintained properly. Areas that are subject to higher usage, such as door handles, may show signs of wear earlier.

Q. Can the vehicle wrap be removed?

A. Yes. The vehicle wrapping film we use is applied with high quality adhesives and can be removed at some point in the future. Please remember that the state of the paint underneath the vinyl may determine whether any loose paint is pulled off with the vinyl removal.

Q. Do I have to pay someone to remove the wrap?

A. You can remove the wrap yourself. However, we would advise that you return the vehicle for professional removal.

Q. Can I choose to wrap just part of my vehicle?

A. Yes! You can choose to wrap just the roof, bonnet or boot.

Q. How long does it take to wrap my vehicle?

A. We will need your average sized car for at least two days to complete a standard external wrap. This will allow us time to clean and prepare it, removing any exterior items like lights, door handles and badges. Once wrapped, we then quality check and ensure that the wrap meets our standard before notifying you it is ready for collection.

Q. Can I still wash my vehicle once wrapped?

A. Yes! Though we do not recommend use of mechanical brush car washes as the abrasive action can have a negative effect on the vinyl. Washing your vehicle by hand is the best way to prolong the life and look of your vehicle wrap. Always take care when using chemicals or detergents to clean your vehicle.

Q. Who do I need to advise about my vehicle wrap?

A. Insurance - It is important that you advise your insurance company that you have had your vehicle part/fully wrapped. This way should you be in the unfortunate position of having an accident, or need to claim on your insurance company, they are aware of the costs and materials that will need to be replaced.

DVLA - The DVLA should only be contacted should the car be a permanent colour change. As vehicle wraps are temporary there is no need to advise them of your wrap.

Police - As part of the police's vehicle database, your vehicle registration is linked to the make, model and colour of your vehicle. If the police do a registration number check they may stop you and ask questions regarding the colour. It is very easy to demonstrate that the vinyl is temporary and not the true colour - simply lift your bonnet or your door shuts (if not wrapped).

Q. Are you insured?

A. We are insured to drive, store and work on customer vehicles. We also have full public liability insurance. All vehicles are stored inside our secure premises.

If we haven’t answered your question in the above FAQs, please contact us!